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DiplomaXpress.com Review

DiplomaXpress.com Review Introduction

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dipoma xpress screenshotWhen my wife and I first discussed the idea of doing fake diploma website reviews, Diploma Xpress was at the top of my list! Upon initial spotting their website, Diploma Xpress (or Diploma Express) displayed actual photos of real diplomas on their home page, giving us the impression that they knew a lot about real diplomas and could probably replicate the diploma we were going to order from them, extremely well. I mention that Diploma Xpress shows real diplomas on their homepage because the majority of other fake diploma websites such as Phony Diploma often just give glimpses of real diplomas. The majority of fake diploma sites seem to keep their product samples very generic looking (ie: Your School Name Here). We found DiplomaXpress different, and that seemed like a good thing.

Plus, Diploma Express was the ONLY site offering advertising a fake diploma verification service, which made them come across as less phony or novelty compared to others. We were expecting to be blown away and wanted DiplomaXpress to impress us!

First, let me say that DiplomaXpress.com was by a significant margin, the cheapest diploma site on our list so, naturally, we were eager to see if this site could measure up to the higher-priced competition like Diploma Company, while still maintaining the level of quality you sensed by visiting their site. In the end, it took about a month to receive our product after placing the order and it showed up badly damaged. I wish I didn’t have to say this, but they were a huge letdown. Not as bad as ND-Center, but there.

Customer Service

As of the date of our order, Diplomaxpress had phone and email support on the site. We can’t properly review their phone skills because, admittedly, we did not use this service. However, all of our email questions and concerns were completely ignored. As you can see in the copies of emails we exchanged with them, we sent several emails asking what was going on with our order because they never kept us updated. Between the time we paid them, to the day we got our order, almost a full month had past before our product was finally delivered. Overall a dissatisfying customer service experience here. Among the worst out there.

Shipping and Processing

This was definitely our worst shipping and handling experience. Flimsy packaging and the diploma was badly damaged. It took forever to process and ship the order. Our money order was received by DiplomaXpress on 10/16. The product supposedly shipped on 10/20 but the tracking information shows package didn’t even move until 11/12 (That’s more than three weeks!! Maybe they just printed the label and forgot to give it to the courier?). The damaged package finally arrived on 11/15, one day short of month from receiving our payment. We didn’t even bother asking for a new copy because we wanted to launch this review site and didn’t have another month to kill.


Well, first thing’s first – the diploma was in bad shape when it arrived (as you can see in the photos above). Very flimsy packaging and poor handling by the courier is to blame here. For a piece of paper that costs over $100, we expected it to be packaged and handled with at least some care. The final product was cheap-looking, with a generic gold sticker seal and a sticker on the back reading “novelty document.” This is not the kind of document we would recommend to fool a friend with half a brain. Overall, though, we were satisfied with the paper (typical cardstock diploma paper), ink quality and novelty signatures. Also, there were no misspelled words or grammar issues, and all of our personalized information was correct.


At $119.99, DiplomXpress is the cheapest site on our list. For the price, it looks about as good as some of the more expensive companies with regards to ink and paper quality. Honestly, disregarding the damage, it looked better than ND-Center‘s product which cost more than twice as much! So, if you’re looking to get something for fun that you can hang up on your wall or play a silly joke with a friend, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, DiplomaXpress might be a good buy – assuming not all of their products are smashed during shipment and you have PLENTY of time to wait for delivery. However, if you’re a more serious shopper who is looking to get something to replace a lost or damaged document, or you have very skeptical friends/family/etc. to fool, you may want to opt for a more realistic option because this document does look fake.


  • Decent ink quality
  • Novelty signatures look good
  • No misspelled words


  • Sticker on the back that says “novelty document” makes it look obviously fake
  • Flimsy packaging, product badly damaged during shipping
  • Shipping took over 3 weeks
  • Cheap looking gold seal

How to Contact Diploma Xpress

  • Do they have a phone number? YES! (888) 375-6627
  • Live Chat: NO!
  • E-Mail: YES!
  • Website: diplomaxpress.com

I am a business owner who a few years back, needed to replace my college diploma quickly after encountering delays with my school. When I experienced issues with one fake diploma supplier, I decided to document my entire experience with them and other sites and put it on my own fake diploma website review blog for others to enjoy.