diplomamakers.com review

DiplomaMakers.com Review

DiplomaMakers.com Review Introduction

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We found other DiplomaMakers.com Reviews and noticed mixed results. Diploma Makers offers customized GED, High School, and College templates. They did not offer a replica service at the time our purchase was made, but we ordered the most expensive option. Compared to the competition, we feel that this site is better suited to people looking for a (relatively) cheap gag gift or joke diploma, instead of those who are looking for a realistic substitute for a lost or damaged diploma.

Customer Service

DiplomaMakers.com has phone, email, and chat support options which makes it more customer-friendly than ND-Center or DiplomaXpress. In our own personal experience, there was quite a long delay between the arrival of the money order and our next contact with them. However, in what contact we had, they were courteous and helpful. DiplomaMakers.com sent an email sample for us to review before the product shipped, which we liked. After our approval they shipped the package the very next day.

Shipping and Processing

Shipping and processing took a bit longer than we found reasonable, but it was still much quicker than DiplomaXpress. The order was placed on 10/13 and our money order payment was delivered to them on 10/18. For some reason, we didn’t receive our sample image until 11/11 (more than three weeks later!). A few days later we sent our approval of the email sample and the package was shipped the very next day. Also, having had some problems with DiplomaXpress, we were happy to see the sturdy packaging that helped the diploma arrive in good shape.


In our opinion, DiplomaMaker’s document looked the most obviously fake of the bunch. The color state seal appears over-sized and has a cartoonish appearance. Also, the layout with two seals at the top of the diploma just looked irregular and inauthentic. Also being fans of the digitally-signed signatures (as you would see with most college diplomas these days), we were not satisfied with the quality of their hand-signed signatures with respect to realism. While the metallic gold foil seal is a great option, their execution was awful. There are flakes of gold missing showing the black ink underneath, which gives the seal a worn and peppered look. They also attempted to emboss the seal with a press after the gold foil was applied, but missed the target so it looks out of alignment. However, there were no misspelled words or grammar issues, and all of our personalized information was inputted correctly. The diploma paper and ink were all satisfactory as well.


DiplomaMakers.com was the second cheapest site on our list. However we think to be fair, for the level of quality, it should be the least expensive on the list. DiplomaXpress is cheaper and will give you a product of equal or better quality here, but both belong to the same category of obviously fake, gag-gift diploma sites.


  • Decent ink quality
  • No mispelled words
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Gold foil seal (but with issues, see cons list)


  • Sticker on the back that reads “This is a reproduction….”
  • Looks obviously fake
  • Gold foil seal is a nice touch, but the execution is awful. Flakes of gold are missing and the attempt at embossing it looks terrible

How to Contact Diploma Makers

  • Do they have a phone number? YES! (800) 470-5020
  • Live Chat: NO!
  • E-Mail: YES!
  • Website: diplomamakers.com

I am a business owner who a few years back, needed to replace my college diploma quickly after encountering delays with my school. When I experienced issues with one fake diploma supplier, I decided to document my entire experience with them and other sites and put it on my own fake diploma website review blog for others to enjoy.