How to order a fake diploma!

I’ve been getting some messages from fake diploma shoppers asking how to order a fake diploma. It was my understanding that most of these companies can make fake diplomas from ANY school, so I wasn’t sure why people were needing to aks me for help in finding a company. Turns out, people are asking me because they calling or chatting with fake diploma companies and their telling them that they can’t make the diploma they want. So then they come to me, asking where can they go to get what they need?

BUT after speaking with one individual who was dealing with next day diplomas about a certain school in Minnesota they wanted and was told they couldn’t assist him, I dug around for some clarification on all of this.

Turns out, there are restrictions that prevent some companies are offering diplomas from certain institues. They basically can’t sell documents from these schools. It’s not just one or two sites, but multiple fake diploma sites are restricted.

So, what can I do if I want to order a fake diploma from a certain website?

Here is the deal. If you contact a fake diploma company (by email, live chat, it doesn’t matter) and say that you want a particular diploma from a particular school and that school is restricted, the company may tell you “we can’t make it“. Thing is, a lot of companies including Diploma Company, Phony Diploma and Next Day Diplomas have a number of restricted schools.

At the same time, these fake diplomas companies are printing services. Think of these companies like a Kink-kos or a printing service. If you give Kink-kos a document and say you want a million copies, they are just going to print it, right? If Kink-kos is restricted from printing let’s say documents with a curse world, and you call Kink-kos and ask, “give I get copies of document that says s***”, they will say “No” because they have to. So if you’re wondering how to order a fake diploma from them, it’s really as simply as filling out the form, just like you would for, say, building a business card.

Now, if you go to their site and just order what you want without asking for it by name, your request will go through because you are avoid support and going straight to the printer. This logic would apply with any sort of printing company that prints off anything whether its diplomas, ids, brochures, documents, etc.

So, what should I do?

Basically, just place an order. Never ask for diploma by school name or expect restrictions. It’s just the nature. Maybe they can do it, maybe they can’t. If you ask for something specific, you are going to find limited answers in most cases.

Some companies may have no restrictions and will tell you they can print anything but if you do like the quality of the work the company does, what does it matter? If you know of a company you like and like their work, order from them by just placing an order and bypassing support restrictions.

I am a business owner who a few years back, needed to replace my college diploma quickly after encountering delays with my school. When I experienced issues with one fake diploma supplier, I decided to document my entire experience with them and other sites and put it on my own fake diploma website review blog for others to enjoy.