Cancer Survivor 18-Year-Old Finally Receives His Diploma

Hey everyone! Tim’s wife here, to tell you about an interesting article I just read.

It’s about an 18-year old boy who wasn’t allowed to walk across the stage with his classmates and friends at this year at graduation. He wasn’t allowed to graduate because he supposedly did not pass his geometry class.

This boy survived cancer as a child. He had a rare form of cancer that caused a tumor on his pancreas. This student survived a cancer as a child, survived complications that cost him his spleen, and because he was worried about a relapse, his doctor’s visits made him miss quite a bit of school. He could not catch up in Geometry, and ended up not being able to pass.

I thought this was heartbreaking, to read about how much this young man has gone through in the past five years. He contracted a rare form of cancer, lost his spleen after a very painful recovery, and was selected as New Hampshire’s Champion Child by the Children’s Miracle Network in 2008. I can only imagine, after finishing such a struggle at such a young age, what triumph he felt. He probably had such an immense will to live after that.

Then, after he had recovered, he was worried about a cancer relapse, so he took the necessary precautions that came with a number of doctor’s visits. He unfortunately missed class, yes, but to fall behind in only one subject, and being denied the experience of graduating? That seems a bit harsh. Hasn’t he felt enough disappointment and struggle in his young life?

Folks, this is a smart young man, who currently handles web design and other IT projects at his family’s business, a sober house for young men trying to overcome addictions. He has a good head on his shoulders and a good heart.

Weeks after not being able to graduate, his school finally issued him his high school diploma after he was able to pass the necessary tests (he passed with flying colors). He was finally granted his high school diploma, and it is now displayed proudly in his home.

Reading all of this, I couldn’t help from thinking just how incredibly meaningful it is to receive any diploma. When anyone receives one, they proudly display it in a common area where it can be viewed.

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