Is a Scam?

I’m having a number of people contact me lately about What is it? It’s a website that launched in 2012 and has recently shot up to the top of the rankings with Google. They make fake college diplomas, but apparently only accept wire transfers which usually isn’t a bad thing (ie:, and all take wire payments too). Yet, there is something MUCH WORSE going on here.

Now, I have not personally gotten around to purchase a diploma from this site just yet and write my own personal review on them. I plan to do a review on the entire buying process and the quality of their work, like other sites here. BUT after speaking with a few shoppers who have reached out to me with their frustrations, I’m having second thoughts.

You see, a number of their former customers are telling me that after wiring a money transfer, nothing has come! NO package, no diploma, nothing.

When I suggest that these “former customers” report the receiver’s name to the wire transfer company, has threaten each customer by claiming that they will post an online list of everybody who has purchased a fake diploma from them for their employer or future employer to see. How pathetic is that? I have never seen a fake diploma site operate in this manner and it’s very disturbing.

Wanting to get to the bottom of this, I began to look at their website really good this weekend. I studied it from top to bottom and both me and my wife found some stuff that we didn’t like.

Things that we questioned about fakediplomanow?

From the start, something didn’t seem right to me about this site. For starters, I know that most fake diploma shoppers want to know that a company can make ANY diploma from ANY school and showing REAL people holding REAL diplomas is a nice touch. People ask all the time if site-a can make a certain diploma. This makes people feel assured. I totally understand that. The problem is, when you show diploma photos that are not your own and lie to your customers by making them believe that they are… that’s both sad and pathetic.

Case in point, the fact is has stolen a number of pictures of real diplomas from other websites and try to pass it off as their own work. Now of course, it would be hard to track down the original source of every diploma that they showcase on their site with thousands of websites out there and millions of images to be found. Still, a few on their website did not seem legit from the moment I looked at them. Here are a few that come to mind and proof that we’ve caught in a major lie!!!

woman holding gonzaga university diploma
Image of woman holding her diploma taken from sample page on

This diploma from a Washington state university was featured on a blog where a woman got her real diploma and took a picture of it to share with her friends (see the actual blog post here). Of course, has stolen this photo of the woman and her diploma from her blog and wrote the words “” in red, trying to pass the image off as an example of their own work.

BUT it doesn’t stop here with this one single certificate, here’s another bogus diploma photo that they highlight on their site.

same of university of utah diploma stolen by
same of university of utah diploma stolen by

This diploma was stolen from a blog by a guy named Paul (you can see the original blog post here). Paul on his site talks about getting his new diploma from school and of course, if you can’t tell by viewing the exact same image, stole Paul’s image and is now using it to lie to customers by saying it is a diploma they’ve made. That is not true. The picture of the diploma above is currently on their sample page and I took a snapshot of the page below as it appears the day this blog post was launched.

utah diploma being pointed on our samples page
utah diploma being pointed on our samples page

Now, I could go on and on and point out every diploma that this website has stolen from others to trick people into thinking they can make real looking diplomas. The issue is, nothing is stopping their site from just deleting these images once this report comes out and replacing them with different stolen images and then trying to call THIS article a fake. I’ve spent the last few years battling companies that scam people and it never ends pretty. Believe me.

BUT just for good measure, I will add one more. This was on a website where somebody talked about a family member graduating from college and him taking him holding the diploma in a photograph. Of course, all did was steal the picture from their website and write their website name on it. So now people who visit their site will think that their company will make a diploma that looks 100% real like this Indiana diploma but next time you look at the proof, PLEASE QUESTION IT!

This whole report has come to a SHOCK to me. I had no idea that they were operating like this. I just hope people out there are safe and those that have been scammed out of $200+ can get their money back. I spend a great deal of time trying to put trust in the fake diploma industry because it makes my blog successful which financially helps me. You can more more about this blog and why I do what I do here.

I also want to encourage anybody who has been ripped off by to please contact me. I would like to discuss this matter further and look to protect you.


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I am a business owner who a few years back, needed to replace my college diploma quickly after encountering delays with my school. When I experienced issues with one fake diploma supplier, I decided to document my entire experience with them and other sites and put it on my own fake diploma website review blog for others to enjoy.