Diploma-World.com Review

Diploma-World.com Review Introduction

Our lowest ranking site! Poorest grades overall! Site is no longer in operation as of today. At one point, FakeDiplomaReview.org did a real review of Diploma-World.com by ordering actual products from them and rated their support, product quality, etc. Our review is below.

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Important Update on Diploma-World.com! Extra! Extra! Diploma-World.com has been shut down! THEY NO LONGER OPERATE!

Why do you rank Diploma-World.com so low?

At one point, this website used to rank much better. Recently, we had a change of heart. Most of what I don’t like about this website is their dishonesty. I will talk more and more about THAT factor in this review. One major issue is that Diploma-World.com during it’s operation, also owned Fake-Diploma.com which it setup as a bogus review site to trick buyers into buying from them. We have since purchased the old Diploma-World.com domain and convert traffic here to try to prevent future customers from being tricked. 


diploma-world caught on google plus
diploma-world caught on google plus

Above is a snapshot taken from the Google Plus (social media page ) of Diploma-World.com. On there, the site’s owner tells people to visit their official website which they say is fake-diploma.com. You can see it for yourself. The problem is, if you go to fake-diploma.com, it is a review site which pressures people to buy from Diploma-World.com. We just feel it is dishonest to pretend like they are are supported by legit reviews.

What other factors have lead to a #8 and last place rating!

The site seems to play mind games with people. On one hand they tell visitors that they take credit cards, but when you get ready to pay, they tell you that they only accept Western Union. What gives? Why are they lying to us? Look below at another photo which states that “WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS“. 

diploma-world.com credit cards
diploma-world.com credit cards

This seems good, because most people want to pay using their card. Except what happens when you try to buy something, add it to your cart and check out? Then the site changes it’s mind and tells you the only way you can pay with Western Union? What? Really? This is false advertisement and we had to punish these guys for this.

diploma-world.com no credit cards accepted
diploma-world.com no credit cards accepted

As you can see under Billing Options that is only one way to pay… that is with Western Union. The site does not give me an option to pay with PayPal or credit card. So why are their images at the top of the site lying to me? Again, if a site is unable to accept credit cards that is understandable. Machines go down, sites loose capabilities, but don’t lie to your customers.  Plus what site owner can’t update their own website by removing banners. Do you really you want to trust your hard earned money with these guys?

And one more BIG KNOCK against these guys!

diploma-world bbb

That’s right, we aren’t alone. Others are nailing this site as they get a big fat F rating on the BBB site. On top of that, the number listed no longer works and according to Google, it’s disconnected. Those factors sealed the deal for us! Were they worse than ND-Center, maybe or may not. BUT as negative as ND-Center is, they state their ability to accept cards right away. There is no lying. In our opinion, Diploma-World.com no longer deserves to be in the top 3. OUR OLD REVIEW AS IT WAS IS POSTED BELOW. READ WITH CAUTION!

About our Diploma-World.com Review!

*** Written in 2008! A lot has changed… sadly! Look above! ***

It’s been awhile since we posted a new fake diploma review. As I stated before, as we receive a good response from visitors and make some extra money from banner ads, we’ll occasionally invest in reviewing new sites. A bunch of you asked about Diploma-World.com, a newer site that appears to be showing up more and more in search engines. Overall their site, is typical to a lot of sites out there (GED products, high school, college, etc). They even offer replicated college diplomas and what appears to be template options too, ranging from U.S. schools and China schools. The site itself was fairly easy to navigate. The only headache we had, was the fact that they only took credit cards online. For most, this wouldn’t be an issue. For others, the lack of payment options is inconvenient. We noticed Next Day Diplomas is the same way with limited payment options too. Other sites like Phony Diploma and Diploma Company certainly give the buyer more choices which is a GOOD thing.

Customer Service

Even though, there are definetely some cons with Diploma-World’s customer support, it was still light years beyond that of companies like ND-Center and Diploma Express. My cousin Robert, who helped me and my wife out by placing his order with them, stated that he had tried to call Diploma-World but immediately he got a message saying, “The voice subscriber you are trying to reach is unavailable. Please leave a message” It was strange that there wasn’t a more personalized greeting like, “Thank you for calling Diploma-World”. Nonetheless, he claimed that he left a message but never got a response. Not sure what to think of their phone support. As far as other support methods, we never spotted live chat, which was a big convenience on sites like Phony Diploma.  In the end, all of Robert’s communication took place over e-mail. We sort of had to do this because we were forced to pay by prepaid American Express gift cards, because their site did not take money orders or even Western Union (only credit cards) and Robert didn’t feel confident using his own credit card. Upon placing an order online, we realized that we could not split the payment between cards (we had $100 limit per card) and had to make special payment arrangements over email with support. Eventually, we provided our gift card information and they processed a payment and shipped our order.

The lack of communication is worth mentioning. When we wrote support, it often took close to 24 hours to get a response.

Shipping and Processing

As we started before, we didn’t place our order online and so tracking information was never sent to us. In fact, our emails (according to support) got lost and we were delayed in getting tracking information. Even though details from UPS were never sent, the package did arrive on 9/6. The package itself arrived in good shape, unlike our experience with Diploma Xpress where the package was literally destroyed! Another site note, is that we didn’t pay extra for quick shipping, but after our experiences with support not responding to us in a timely manner, the company was kind enough to ship it overnight at no additional charge! Pretty nice of them!


First off, the quality is light years beyond that of ND Center and Diploma Xpress! It’s easily one of the better companies out there making diplomas! Yet, me, my wife, and Robert all wonder… looking back at our document from Phony Diploma, if Diploma World is actually Phony Diplomatoo? We’re curious because both packages actually shipped from Virginia (which is questionable), both diplomas contained the same novelty signature (Thomas Alan Caruthers) and both documents seem to have a lot of the same qualities! For instance, the diploma paper is the same for starters. Secondly ,the way the school seal was applied in a gold format was the same too. Third, our package said it came from “DPS” and on Phony’s site, at the time of this review, their company tagline was posted online as, “Copyright 2009 © Phonydiploma.com, Document Printing Services” Of course, we do not have definite proof of this but a lot of the signs are there.

Does it matter if they are? If it is the same, Diploma-World.com has to get the edge over Phony because the diploma arrived with absolutely no grammar mistakes. Phony Diploma’s diploma did. Yet, the three of us still believe that Diploma Company gets the nod over both of them because of their customer support and overall quality of the document, which they still have the edge with!


At $150.00 Diploma-World was one of the most affordable diplomas we paid for. Compare to $275 for Phony Diploma, which again we spot many similarities with, we’d probably recommend just going to Diploma-World and saving yourself some cash! Still, even at $150, for about $30 more, the quality does improve dramatically with Diploma Company. As a side note, and another benefit with Diploma World, we paid about the same price for our diploma at Diploma Makers, and they didn’t even do a diploma replication.


  • The quality was the same as Phony Diploma but much cheaper!
  • No grammar mistakes our ours!
  • Easy to navigate website


  • Friendly customer support but unfortunately a support that isn’t often available.
  • Shipping was delayed but company was apologetic
  • 80% of the document was clearly printed on an inkjet because the document’s sharpness is clearly sacrificed in many areas.


We actually liked Diploma World and would certainly recommend them. Again, the price was half that of what we paid with Phony Diploma and the printing techniques were almost identical. Diploma World is certainly a better value. Still, on a side-by-side comparison of quality and overall presentation and service, Diploma Company still gets the edge. Both me and Robert are not 100% where Diploma World’s position should rank, but due to to pricing, we have to push it above Phony Diploma!

How to Contact Diploma-World!

  • Do they have a phone number? NO!
  • Live Chat: NO!
  • E-Mail: Rarelty!
  • Website: diploma-world.com

I am a business owner who a few years back, needed to replace my college diploma quickly after encountering delays with my school. When I experienced issues with one fake diploma supplier, I decided to document my entire experience with them and other sites and put it on my own fake diploma website review blog for others to enjoy.