Diploma-World.com is out of business!

We have just gotten word from several people that Diploma-World.com is now out of business. Their site has been down for some time now. We had a lot of people as of lately complain to use that they paid money and nothing arrived. We strongly advise those people contact their banks immediately. We are sorry to hear that you had problems ordering. It looks like the owner has given up on this business but his review site still remains.

Update on Diploma-World.com

We just purchased the domain dipoma-world domain and are using it to push traffic to our review of them. We do not own this company and can’t help with existing or past orders. We are sorry. Please contact us with questions.

I am a business owner who a few years back, needed to replace my college diploma quickly after encountering delays with my school. When I experienced issues with one fake diploma supplier, I decided to document my entire experience with them and other sites and put it on my own fake diploma website review blog for others to enjoy.