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Personally, we’re a big fan of Phony’s website… it’s very clean and easy to navigate. The product images are also very sharp and easy to make out.

Our payment for a replica college diploma to Phony Diploma arrived on 10/22. We could see that it had arrived, but had to send several emails asking management to check their mailbox. They were certainly weren’t on top of that. Had we not hassled them, we may have found ourselves waiting even longer for our diploma. Still, they did honor their 24 turnaround; as stated on their website and shipped our document 24 hours after verifying our money order. They confirmed payment on 10/25 and it shipped 10/26. Below is proof that we actually did buy a fake diploma from these guys:

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Customer Service

Phony Diploma offers live chat, toll free phone support, and email. I would say that they make more of an effort to keep chat on, compared to Next Day Diploma which was almost unreachable via chat during our entire research.

Shipping and Processing

Phony Diploma did not verify our payment until 10/25/2010. Our diploma was shipped on 10/26/2010 and our package arrived in our mailbox on 10/28/2010, from UPS. Above is photo documentation of our entire purchase experience with Phony Diploma.


Compared to the others, Phony Diploma’s diploma was one of the better ones we received and we were pleased to see the school seal was a match and shiny gold like the real one. On the downside, the school seal itself was on the right hand side which is wrong (it should have been on the left), it had four signatures when there should have just been two, and Phony added a state seal which isn’t accurate because the school we requested was a “private” school and unlike state-run schools, our school would not have featured a state seal.

Phony Diploma may have stocked a different design from a different year, but our request for a matching diploma from the class of 1992 was not met. Diploma Company gets a higher mark for authenticity.


For $275, Phony Diploma was the most expensive order we placed and we may have slightly overpaid. The company does offer a variety of packages to choose from, but we went with their most expensive option, expecting the BEST possible quality. Our total also included a leather graduation folder which said “Diploma of Graduation” in shiny gold. Both my wife and I felt it was a nice added touch as a package deal.

They also didn’t put anything on the diploma or inside the package indicating that it was fake. This gave them a huge boost above some other sites we reviewed.


  • The ink quality was excellent.
  • They matched the gold foil seal which the real diploma had!
  • The package they used was the strongest of anyone.
  • The leather graduation folder was a nice added touch.
  • No misspelled word; a few grammar issues though.


  • It had a state seal which isn’t authentic because we requested a private school.
  • The state seal, although raised gold was clumpy and the inner-detail unrecognizable.
  • They put “College of Business”. Our school does not have a college of business.
  • There was an error in wording. They put, “on the in June” for the graduation date which makes no sense.

How to Contact Phony Diploma

  • Do they have a phone number? YES! (888) 325-3347
  • Live Chat: YES!
  • E-Mail: YES!
  • Website:

I am a business owner who a few years back, needed to replace my college diploma quickly after encountering delays with my school. When I experienced issues with one fake diploma supplier, I decided to document my entire experience with them and other sites and put it on my own fake diploma website review blog for others to enjoy.