DiplomaCompany.com FBI or PhonyDiploma.FBI

When you decide to do business with a website, it is not uncommon to search the internet for reviews and hear what others have to say. Sometimes you will hear things that might scare you, like how people sent money in for products or nothing came or the product wasn’t like they advertised and they couldn’t get their money back! As bad as that is, imagine being told that the company is actually the FBI! Imagine being told that a website was setup as a sting option to catch buyers! Imagine is none of that is true but you believe it because you gullible? 🙂 It seems like every day I get a message from somebody looking to purchase a fake diploma from a specific website when they stop to tell me they’re worried because they read about either diplomacompany.com or phonydiploma.com  being associated with FBI! What is the basis of this FBI claim? The fact is, two of these businesses

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