Guide to: Buying Fake Diploma Online

First, understand what a fake diploma is

Are you looking at buying a fake diploma online? A lot of people search for “online degrees” and come across fake diplomas, often asking what the difference is. I know, it was confusing for me at first until I really dug into all of it. The fact is, a fake diploma is a diploma that looks like, well, an actual diploma from the popular school of your choice. Depending on the company you go with and their understanding and knowledge of the actual diploma, the quality is going to differ. A fake diploma is not the same thing as an “online degree” or a “diploma or degree mill” though. Fake diplomas companies aren’t selling you a verifiable education, as realistic looking as their documents may be, they are intended to used for “replacement” or “entertainment” purposes only. Fake diploma sites are also very clear about this, in their terms. This is what makes the whole “fake diploma” industry legal compared to mills, where buyers are offered a degree which they verify. Even though mills often create their own schools and standards, the school doesn’t meet the requirements necessary to be listed as an actual school, and the mills are often shut down and reported within months.

Understand the industry and question a lot of what you hear…

When purchasing fake diplomas online, we strongly recommend looking over several individual websites to make sure you’re getting a good idea of what’s out there. Prices can often vary depending on many factors including quality, so understanding each company and what their selling you, including the overall production techniques used by each company is highly recommended.

In trying to replace a lost diploma of mine, my rush to judgment with one website lead to a number of headaches and an experience that I hope nobody else would have to repeat! That experience alone was the catalyst for creating an independent review blog on fake diploma companies, that we hope others will find beneficial.

Why you can’t trust everything you read online!

With many products you may wish to purchase online, there are a number of comparison shopping sites that sort out the benefits of particular products, posted prices, and the legitimacy of the companies selling them. Websites such as Yahoo! Shopping and NexTag are just a few examples of this. These product search engines compare the pricing on particular products and are great when you’re looking for “model X” from “company X”.

For instance, if you’re in the market for a “digital walk man”, you might search for a “walk man 16gb” and compare prices at several online electronics dealers; finding the best company with the lowest posted price plus shipping.

The same can’t be said when shopping for fake diplomas since these search engines have not chosen to add such merchandise to their listings. The reason among many quality differs and each company will argue that they use specific brands of paper, better inks, and better printing techniques, and so forth. Of course, you can assume that a company who charges $20 for a fake diploma isn’t producing work on the same level as a company charging $250, although – from our experience – you’d be surprised!

Of course, you can spot several blogs online reviewing websites that sell fake diplomas. Most of these sites are often attacked online for being frauds that created to hype up certain companies and bash others. Some of the blogs out there are criticized on other consumer complaint sites. For instance, Diploma One was has been reported several times on RipOff Report. Of course, more than likely the reviews posted on Rip Off Report were by other fake diploma sites, upset by what they had to say about them. The fact is, none of the reviews on RipOff Report are backed by any documentation or proof whatsoever.  In general, that’s a major issue with online reviews and testimonials. Nothing is monitored or regulated. It’s one of the big reasons, why I wanted this make this site. I know, in time, something will be written about us on RipOff Report by a competing blog or upset company we reviewed negatively, but we hope the documentation we provide with our reviews (proof of purchase, photos of products, shipping details, etc) are all taken into consideration and appreciated in some form.

We hope that you take some time to read over fake diploma website reviews and check out the number of reviews we’ve conducted and articles we’ve written up to help you with your fake diploma purchase. We understand that experiences with companies such as Diploma Xpress and Phony Diploma will vary, as is the case with any review conducted with any one particular business.

What to look for when shopping for fake diplomas?

When you first spot an online store, there are a few things you ought to keep an eye out for, including a valid email address and working phone number because it’s important that you can speak with a real person. Most novelty diploma websites online offer phone numbers (in some cases toll free). From our search, we found that pretty much everybody but ND-Center posted a phone number on their website. Of course, you can still communicate via e-mail or chat as an alternative in some cases, but phone conversations

There are also usually some terms and conditions. And it’s a good idea to contact the store first and ask for some company background.

Customer Support Options

Many fake diploma companies offering a number of ways to connect with their customer support departments. Some companies are more limited than others. Keep in mind, these methods of communication where documented at the time of our reviews, and may have changed.

Website Live Chat Phone Toll-Free Phone Email Mailing Address
Diploma Company yes yes yes yes yes
Buy a Fake Diploma yes yes no yes yes
Diploma World yes yes yes yes yes
Phony Diploma yes yes yes yes yes
Next Day Diplomas yes yes yes yes no
Diploma Makers yes yes yes yes yes
Diploma Express no yes yes yes yes
ND-Center no no no yes no