New UK Fake Diploma Website

There’s a new website in town, catered towards everything diploma the UK could ever need. It seems to be an off-shoot of Diploma Company (our top ranking site). Diplomas, or Certificates as the UK calls them, are available from popular colleges and universities from England, to Scotland, to Ireland. They even offer certificates from Australia, Africa, and US colleges and universities. They also offer transcripts, or marksheets, from colleges — and it also seems as if they offer customized marksheets if you prefer to provide your own personal coursework for your transcripts. Following in their superior reputation Diploma Company has one of the best reputations on the internet. In addition to simply offering a great product, designed by professional graphic designers and printed on high quality printing equipment, Diploma Company also offers great customer service through extended hours. These reasons and more comprise our high ranking for their website. The diploma they shipped us was the closest to the real

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Which Fake Diploma Company Should I Go With?

An Important Question My nephew Jeremy came to me the other day with a very important question. He graduated from college a few years ago, and has already lost his diploma. He looses a lot of things. He must take after his mother. 😉 Jeremy needed a replacement fake diploma from his college because his boss wanted everybody to hang a copy of their diploma up in their respective offices. As you can see, Jeremy was in a pickle – he needed a diploma to hang in his office, and he couldn’t wait the 6-10 weeks his alma mater quoted him, if he was to buy a replacement diploma from his school’s registrar. So he came to me, because he knows my wife and I have heavily researched the most competitive replacement diploma companies out on the market. He said to me, “I know I could read your posts, but can you tell me in 5 minutes or less which

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Fake Diploma Scams?

Recently we have had a lot of people writing us asking which fake diploma sites are scam sites. Just like with buying anything else online, there are a lot of nervous shoppers who are afraid they will be taken advantage of by fake diploma scams. It is not surprising then that we have received several links from our viewers to websites with wild claims that some fake diploma scams are FBI sting operations or that some companies will just take your money and run. For the purposes of this website we have actually purchased fake diplomas from eight different companies and tracked the entire process from visiting the website to receiving the product. All of our fake diploma reviews show proof of purchase and delivery, with an explanation and grade for each site. We can vouch for each of these eight sites that they at least sent us something. The quality, on the other hand, did vary greatly among the

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